What are your hobbies or things you enjoy outside of the school?

I enjoy reading. I piddle at gardening but sure enjoy eating the fruit of my labors. I enjoy helping Friendship House in the summer. I like walking with my wife in the neighborhood, on the Greenway, or on a trail in the mountains. I enjoy apologetics—seeing and examining the empirical evidence for the faith in creation and in validity of the scriptures.

What post-secondary schools did you attend? Degrees held?

US Naval Academy: BS Electrical Engineering; UVA: M. Ed in Secondary Mathematics


Please briefly describe your journey to Faith Christian School and what attracted you to the school.

My daughter was already in Roanoke attending school, so when we considered it when we needed to relocate. I wanted to teach in a Christian school. I had read about the classical movement back in the 90's and thought it interesting—consistent with human development. I had a colleague who recommended I investigate classical education. So when FCS popped up in my search in Roanoke, I was intrigued. I watched the “Why Faith?” videos on the school website and realized these laid out a vision of how I always wanted to teach. So I applied and a job opened up.

What's a favorite book you've read?

I have read the Lord of the Rings many times. Perhaps Les Miserables. I have a hard time picking a favorite.

How many books do you have stacked on your bedside table or in your "To Read" pile? Name three.

Silent Victory: US Submarines in World War II; Surviving Religion 101; The Gulag Archipelago


What do you find most compelling or distinct about Christian classical education? Why might you want your own children to have this education?

Christian worldview combined with integration of subjects: "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof." I want my students to be able to think clearly as classical Christian education seems to enable.

What or who inspired you to work in education?

I enjoyed teaching at sub school. I realized there was a technique for teaching clearly. There was also a need to help the officers interpret data well, to see why they made the tactical decisions they had made, and what might help them in the future. Figuring out how to enable students to do this was gratifying.

If you have a "life verse" or a verse that is ministering to you right now, what might it be?

Phil 3:7-14 has been my life verse. It is under my picture in the college yearbook. It has been renewed recently by my studies of Hosea.

If you have a personal life's mission statement, what is it? If not, how might you describe what you feel called to as a believer?

I think I have been called to disciple young people through the medium of math and science.


Why do you love Faith Christian School or what do you appreciate most about Faith Christian School?

I love my colleagues. I love being able to walk down the hall and bounce ideas off other scholars who really enjoy their discipline and craft, and it is just fun to learn from them. I love being able to experiment with classes and test questions. I love being able to put spiritual questions on math and science tests—using the discipline to get the students to grapple with the scriptures through different lenses. I love the thoughtfulness of so many well-trained students. I am "wowed" often by their answers.

Inspirational Verse:

Philippians 3:13-14








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