“Why Faith?” Videos


Peter Baur, Head of School, explains in short videos why an education at
Faith Christian School is distinctive and valuable as preparation for life.

Classical Christian Results: It All Starts With Good Questions

In all grades, from JK through 12th grade, we teach students not what to think, but how to think by honing the skill of asking good questions. This is preparation for life—and any career! This skill allows students to go into any situation, ask good questions to get good information, ask additional questions to parse that information, and then how to think creatively to use that information toward a meaningful end.

Our students are prepared to go into the culture of this world, ask good questions that expose what is not true, good, or beautiful (Phillippians 4:8), and courageously engage hearts and minds.

Classical Defined: Three Unique Courses Provide Opportunities

We teach three courses not found in other learning methods:

  • Latin: Teaches attention to detail, reinforces reasoning skills, the foundation of the English language, and preparation for many career paths.
  • Formal Logic: Teaches students to reason well and recognize valid/invalid arguments. 
  • Formal Rhetoric: Teaches students the art of persuasive communication.
Classical Christian: Actively Engaging Students In Exploration
We operate on a fundamental respect for what students are capable of learning. This is demonstrated in several ways:
  • The classroom itself inspires learning
  • Faculty actively engage students in learning
  • Hands-on learning
  • Play-based learning for JK/K
  • Allows students to explore their own capabilities through responsibilities and leadership
Basic Principle: Our Teachers ARE The Curriculum

Without passionate teachers, even a good curriculum is just boring pages of information. Our teachers take quality curriculum and make it come alive every day for our students. Our teachers do this by demonstrating:

  • Passion
  • Life experiences
  • Commitment
  • Love
Integration: A More Accurate Reflection Of Our World
Since God created a unified universe, it is more accurate and impactful to learn all subjects with a view of how each subject impacts and integrates with others.
  • Gives students a unique perspective across disciplines for problem-solving and a deeper appreciation
  • Makes subjects more relevant to students' lives
  • Prepares students for "real" life which is not kept in silos but instead, is fully integrated

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