Christian Classical education is powerful, proven, and purposeful education.


What is Christian Classical Education?

For nearly a quarter of a century, Faith Christian has offered a distinctly Christian and distinctly Classical education that prepares our students for what lies ahead. Faith provides robust academics in a nurturing Christian environment.

Christian Classical education is…

Christian, because:

  • We desire that your child will grow in a personal relationship with Christ.
  • We hold to foundational principles of Christian belief (read our Statement Of Faith here).
  • We teach that God is the author of all life; therefore, everything we study gives insight into the nature and character of God.
  • We prepare your child to be in the world yet not of it.
  • We work to provide a safe, caring environment where your child will flourish.
  • We seek, at an age-appropriate level, to equip your child to engage the world and culture in godly, redemptive ways and to discern what is true, good, and beautiful.

Classical, because:

  • We follow a proven model of education that for over 2,000 years produced some of the finest theologians, statesmen, composers, inventors, artists, adventurers, and influencers the world has ever known.
  • Our approach does not change with the latest educational fad or experiment.
  • Our goal is that students will understand rather than simply memorize.
  • We teach students how to engage new material on their own, to reason well, and to communicate persuasively.
  • We require students to work hard, to think clearly, and to engage actively in learning. These skills prepare our graduates to take on the challenges life brings.
  • We cultivate in our students both humility and confidence.

For a deeper understanding of our model, read our “Core Beliefs About Education.”

Click here to view our Head of School’s video introduction to Christian Classical Education.

Click here for the results of Christian classical education from a study by Notre Dame.

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