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Tuition & Fees

Below is a breakdown of the tuition and fees for Faith Christian School. If you need information regarding financial aid options, please click here.

For more information regarding specifics on any fees or tuition payment, please contact Cathi Weber at 540-769-5200 Ext 148 or via email.

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Faith Christian School | Affordable

It was worth every penny.

- M. Garland

Tuition and Fees

We offer a robust tuition assistance program that customizes what each family is asked to pay based on their particular financial circumstances. Nearly one-third of our families benefit from this program. We are eager to see how we might provide adjusted tuition for your family! 

The table below represents the range of tuition a family can expect to pay after qualifying for financial aid through FAST, a confidential, third-party evaluator. There are exceptions to the minimum tuition listed below dependent upon a demonstrated significant need. A FAST application is only required for families seeking financial aid.

Click here to begin the FAST application process.

We know this is a big decision—let's talk about how we can help. Contact Cathi Weber, Director of Enrollment, to learn more about the financial aid program. 


Application Fee: $50.00 (Due upon application)

Enrollment Fee: $200 (Due upon enrollment)

Grade Full Annual Tuition Tuition Range After Applying For Aid
Half-Day JK $4,740 $3,000-$4,740
Full-Day JK $7,200 $4,200-$7,200
Kindergarten $9,420 $4,500-$9,420
Grades 1-5 $11,100 $5,000-$11,100
Grades 6-8 $12,780 $5,500-$12,780
Grades 9-12 $14,160 $6,100-$14,160


We want to make FCS an affordable private, Christian school option for you! Tuition may be paid annually, semi-annually, or monthly over a ten-month or twelve-month period.

We consider an education at FCS an investment that by far, yields the greatest returns.

- C. Garland

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