Middle school can be an uncertain time. We've been through this before. 



Middle school is the convergence of several obstacles for both parents and students: academic expectations, distressing hormones, and social challenges. At Faith Christian School our gifted teachers partner with parents to nurture students so they excel academically, demonstrate empathy, and face personal challenges with confidence in who God has made them to be.

You have options.

Middle School is a complex time in a child’s life. We remember this time in our own lives. Now, as a parent, you want to successfully guide your children through their middle school years.

Middle schoolers need a positive place to learn and grow. They deserve to be known and cared-for by engaged and experienced teachers, enjoy small class sizes, and be immersed in a Christ-centered environment that will help them form their views about the world and society—and their place in it.

Likewise, middle school parents need a partner to help guide and mentor your child, hear and understand your fears and concerns, provide specific solutions to individual situations, and have open access to teachers and administrators.

With over 20 years of success in preparing students for college and life, we’d love for you to consider Faith Christian School.

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Middle School Students Working On Board | Faith Christian School

We are thankful for the Godly men who are at Faith Christian School to guide and direct our son as he goes through Middle School and Upper School. We know he has men surrounding him with God's word and wisdom along with their life experiences.

- Michelle, Mom to Noah

Middle School Curriculum

These can be challenging years for your children. A great curriculum is essential to any good educational model. However, the nature of the teacher and the quality of the teaching is the most critical component in keeping students enthusiastic in their learning as they are shepherded through these complex years. Teachers who are gifted in connecting with middle school students are shown to be the most relevant factor in successful learning.

Our experienced middle school faculty, made up of exceptional men and women, are able to continue and build on what was experienced in our Lower School.

For students new to middle school, these teachers carefully, gently draw out the skills with which our Lower School students have already been prepared. The innate curiosity for learning, the love of discovering and questioning are now honed and strengthened. In particular, and unique to our middle school curriculum, is the continued study of Latin, along with formal logic—a course specifically designed to teach your children to reason well.

The learning environment in our Middle School is built on a profound respect for what your children are able to accomplish intellectually. Realizing that maturity is born out of responsibility, we require that our middle school students take greater responsibility for their learning. In addition, we actively seek to engage your children in opportunities that call out of them the courage to lead. (For more on what makes our educational model bring out the best in students, click here.)

These critical years are further supported through a faculty class advisor. Once a week, each middle school grade is separated into groups of young men and women. Each group has a faculty advisor of the same gender. These groups allow for fun, deepening relationships, and reflecting on God’s desires for us as image-bearers. All of these provide opportunities for our teachers to meaningfully engage their students in and outside of the classrooms.

Curriculum Guide

I was thoroughly impressed with my experience at parent university. I attended a Logic class by Mr. Painter and felt like I was in a college-level class! I loved to see how my 7th grader is learning how to challenge arguments/statements made in television shows, commercials, and even presidential debates. I could see how this would translate into helpful skills in relationships and the workplace. We even took a quiz that I found challenging! The best part was how he tied the Bible into the curriculum. I’m so grateful my child is learning how to think and reason not just memorize facts.

- Dr. Julie Joseph

Middle School is an important building block.

A lot goes on in the life of the Middle School student. Caring faculty and administrators work diligently to keep their unique needs in mind every day.

From the faculty advisors—responsible for developing and creating a positive spiritual, social, and academic environment—to faculty who enjoy teaching this dynamic age, FCS proactively encourages your children through these transition years.

All the joyful learning fostered in Lower School is encouraged and built upon. The energy and enthusiasm abundant in Middle School students are directed toward proactive involvement in all aspects of FCS. Students move more deeply into the subject matter and begin to refine their abilities to ask good questions and to reason with sound logic.

Students are also encouraged to accept more responsibility through leadership opportunities and to view themselves as contributors to the school community. This challenge brings out the best in students.

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Faith Christian School Middle School Student

I am so thankful for the older students at Faith that take the time to talk and encourage my children. It is so awesome to see that they care for the younger students.

Melinda, Mom to Ethan and Noah

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