Have you taught or been involved in schools somewhere else prior to FCS? If so, where, and how long?

Grace Christian School, 2.5 years, Winston Salem Christian School, 3.5 years, Homeschool 25 years

What are your hobbies or things you enjoy outside of the school?

Walking, hiking, my grandchildren, Bible study, and reading are my favorite hobbies.

What post-secondary schools did you attend? Degrees held?

Tennessee Temple University, BS in Secondary Education, proficiency in Mathematics, minor in Speech and Bible.


Please briefly describe your journey to Faith Christian School and what attracted you to the school.

After moving back to Roanoke with my husband's ministry opportunity, a FCS teacher talked to me about her Faith. With her encouragement, I substituted at Faith and another Christian school in the area. After meeting students, faculty and administration at Faith, I saw first hand their classical model of training students to reason logically, write well, read excellent literature, and speak persuasively and articulately were impressive. Best of all was the emphasis on Christian worldview. When the opportunity opened, I was thrilled to join the team.

What's a favorite book you've read?

Mathematica for Human Flourishing

How many books do you have stacked on your bedside table or in your "To Read" pile? Name three.

Five and four in the living room stack! They include the Golden Ratio (Livio), On Reading Well (Prior), Soolley (Grisham)

What do you find most compelling or distinct about Christian classical education? Why might you want your own children to have this education?

Classical education focused on Christ, a Christian worldview, and defending the Christian faith in a world confused about truth is paramount to sharing our faith with others.

What or who inspired you to work in education?

A math teacher, Mr. Lew, who had trouble explaining algebra to the class. He would encourage me to put it in words the students would understand. I loved it!

If you have a "life verse" or a verse that is ministering to you right now, what might it be?

Psalm 1: Delight in God's law and meditate on it day and night. Be planted and bear fruit.

If you have a personal life's mission statement, what is it? If not, how might you describe what you feel called to as a believer?

God calls us to love Him, love others. Be a follower of Jesus and help others follow Him!

Why do you love Faith Christian School or what do you appreciate most about Faith Christian School?

The support and love among the students, teachers and staff show the world the love of Christ personified.

Inspirational Verse:

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