Our lower school is a private, Christian elementary school in Roanoke, VA.

Your child's education at Faith Christian School is grounded in fascination and excitement.

The earliest years are one of the most important times in the life of every child. Our Lower School has a particular focus on joy and enthusiasm that brightly colors each day in the classroom. Our Christian Classical model of education believes that God has put in each and every child an innate love of learning, a relentless curiosity, a never-ending list of questions, and an ability to reason. Given these fundamental characteristics, in even a brief visit to our classrooms you will see children excited about learning and thriving as faculty inspire and encourage the gifts and talents of each one. Our classrooms are the very first places where a profound education develops as faculty come alongside you, the parents, to prepare each unique child for the future.

Our dynamic curriculum provides your children the time and opportunity to explore and consider concepts and ideas, both large and small, complex and simple. While there is formal instruction with even the youngest students, it is not mutually exclusive of fun and excitement. Projects, presentations, group and individual work are all intentional components of a program structured to begin the process of teaching your children to investigate, ask good questions, sort through options, reason soundly, and communicate clearly. These skills are fed by innate abilities already rapidly developing in your children. At the same time, your young children are learning about God as their Savior, how to live compassionately and kindly with others, and take responsibility for their actions. All of which combine to produce a mature, confident, capable, thoughtful adult… a process that begins in our Junior Kindergarten program and builds academically, spiritually, and socially on each previous year through grade 12. 

Inspired by Charlotte Mason with insights from early Montessori education, our Junior Kindergarten is built on a model that recognizes a child’s innate love of learning. Students are presented activities that quickly build skills that are further developed in the years ahead. Characteristics of this exploratory learning continue through each Lower School grade as each child’s love of learning continues to be inspired. These components provide a profound foundation for all subsequent learning.

Singapore Math™, one of the world’s most highly regarded math programs, is implemented in grades JK-6. This method complements the classical model as students are taught to understand the concepts behind math. This approach equips students to apply their understanding to new material rather than simply to memorize. 

Science is included in every Lower School grade and is considered both a discipline of its own and a means of awakening in each child a wonder and awe about the world God created. As with all subjects taught at Faith, the emphasis is on students learning to learn on their own.

Of particular note in Lower School is Latin instruction beginning in grade 4. Latin teaches attention to detail, reinforces reasoning skills, increases vocabulary through knowledge of word roots, and provides the building blocks for grammar, and an historical context to our Western culture and traditions. 

 JK - Fifth grade are some of the most critical to reading and writing and our students are given exceptional instruction in these grades.  This provides the foundation for what lies ahead.