Welcome From Our Head Of School!

Dear prospective parent,

A little over 20 years ago, my wife and I were in the same position you find yourself in today… trying to decide which education would best prepare our son for his next steps. We spent a great deal of time considering the many options available to us. We understood the seriousness of this decision and how it would impact the man he would become.

In 1976, I graduated from one of the top-ranked K-12 private schools in the state of Pennsylvania. I returned to that very same school 26 years later as an administrator. I was particularly grateful that my son, then entering the 2nd grade, would receive the same quality education I had, one with significant options. Little did I know, after the summer of his 2nd-grade year, my wife and I would decide to transition him from that 150-year-old, highly regarded, top-ranked education to a school with 17 students in grades K-12 with teaching based on a model of education of which we had never heard… and we had to pay for it!

What made the difference?  That summer my wife and I learned about a model of education that changed our entire paradigm of what true education is and should be. We were introduced to Christian Classical education. Faith Christian School follows that same model of education and offers what no other school in this area offers, and seeing the school in action is the best way to understand our unique offerings.

Dear prospective parents, now nearly 40 years later, my passion for Christian Classical education continues to grow daily. This proven, purposeful, and powerful education has at its very core what I believe we desire most for our children: that they will love Jesus and that they will be prepared to influence culture toward godly principles and practices. In a world that daily assaults nearly everything we believe to be good, true, and beautiful, Christian Classical education offers you and your children a partnership to navigating these crucial years of growth and maturity.

This world is in desperate need of young men and women prepared to enter college and life not just to survive culture, but able to influence culture toward Kingdom ends! I believe a Christian Classical education does just that.

As you consider this most critical decision, I invite you to visit Faith Christian School… that visit will give you an accurate picture of what our school offers. We may or may not be your final choice, but you will have done the research to make a well-informed decision.

I look forward to meeting you.

All of Christ to you,

Peter G. Baur
Head of School

Click here to view Peter Baur's video on Christian Classical Education.