Christian classical schooling is a unique and effective approach to an education that lasts a lifetime.

Though our program may be considered “college prep,” the experience of your children in a Christian Classical school will be unlike any other. Our model of education (academics and extracurriculars, culture and philosophy) is designed with the graduate in mind and provides a seamless preparation through each grade level for the next step in your children’s education and lives.

We desire our students to graduate with a deep and abiding faith in Christ and prepared (intellectually, socially, and spiritually) to influence culture toward Kingdom ends.

How do we prepare students for their next steps?

At Faith Christian School we prepare your children to be influencers of culture and to not be influenced by it. We teach your children to think clearly and reason well, to ask good, insightful questions, and to engage challenging material and ideas through disciplined minds. In addition, we seek to cultivate in your children a love for those things that are good, true, beautiful, virtuous and worth loving.

We are committed to a specific, challenging curriculum which emphasizes Socratic teaching. Socratic teaching begins in Junior Kindergarten and involves teachers’ use of thoughtful questions to prepare your children to engage material independently. This method of questioning develops strong analytical and thinking skills by encouraging students to observe, ask good questions, take time to consider, make connections, persist, and even learn from mistakes. 

This method stands in stark contrast to the majority of today’s education practices which emphasize simply giving students information to be regurgitated on a test, graded, returned, and the process repeated. That approach, so common today, will not teach your children how to think, to understand, or to have the persistence to problem solve. It will only prepare them for the next test, not for life.

Inspiring your children to ask, “How do I understand this?” is very different from, “What is the right answer?”

In the Upper School this Christian Classical method of instruction is combined with courses in theology and biblical study and a strong, rigorous curriculum. Your children are prepared academically and spiritually for the next steps by learning to think deeply about their faith, to make their faith their own, and to defend it. Our graduates report being well-prepared for the challenges they faced in college...academically, spiritually, and socially.

Click here to view our Head of School's video on Christian Classical Education.