Starting school is the beginning of a long and exciting journey that impacts your child for life.


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Why Faith Christian School?

Every child needs an education, and we know you want to make the best school decision for your child.

The earliest years are one of the most important times in the life of every child. Our Lower School has a particular focus on joy and enthusiasm that brightly colors each day in the classroom.

Our Christian Classical model of education believes that God has put in each and every child an innate love of learning, a relentless curiosity, a never-ending list of questions, and an ability to reason. 

Given these fundamental characteristics, in even a brief visit to our classrooms you will see children excited about learning and thriving as faculty inspire and encourage the gifts and talents of each one. Our classrooms are the very first places where a profound education develops as faculty come alongside you, the parents, to prepare each unique child for the future.